Manga-ka Check

Manga-ka Check is our weekly class where you can learn how to draw in anime / manga style. We'll start off with the basics and build up from there, and hopefully you'll soon be drawing in anime style like a pro! Manga-ka Check runs in Term 1 (October to December).


J-Talk is our class in basic Japanese, such as simple conversation, greetings, numbers, the more basic Japanese writing systems (hiragana and katakana) and so on. J-Talk normally runs in Term 2 (January to April).

Manga Club

Manga Club is a chance for us to get together and chat about manga (and anime). We recommend a volume of manga (or two) for you to read each week, and gather to discuss them before the normal weekly meetings. Manga Club normally runs in Term 3 (May to June).

We try to run our all of our workshops every year, but we don’t always have someone suitable to run sessions. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements.