New Member Questions

What is KentANIMEted?

KentANIMEted (also commonly known as AnimeSoc) is the University of Kent's Anime Society. We're one of the University's biggest societies, and we're getting bigger every year!

What is Anime?

Anime refers to Japanese animation. Anime often has certain recognisable stylistic features, such as large eyes, small noses, and unnatural hair colours. However, since the term “anime” encompasses any animation from Japan, a very wide variety of visual styles are included.

Animation from Japan is often more varied and wide-ranging than the usual fare aimed at children that makes up a lot of western animation. You can find anime about almost anything — sport, magic, love, music, space, robots, even baking — the list could go on for hours.

What does KentANIMEted do?

KentANIMEted offers weekly showings of the best anime has to offer. For the first term, we show four episodes of an ongoing series, followed by four episodes of a different show each week to give you a taste of the wide variety of anime that exists. The rest of the year we usually show two ongoing series each week — though we try to maintain a varied mix so we don't overdose on one genre. Our Thursday Night Showings are completely free for anyone to attend. You don't have to be a member, so feel free to come along and see what it's all about.

We also run a number of weekend showings throughout the year, so that we can show you the things that would normally be too niche, too long or that we simply don't have time for in our regular slot. Details for these and any other events are posted to our mailing list and Facebook page.

But we don't just show anime. We also run weekly classes on anime-related topics such as J-Talk. We also run a coach trip in October and May to the London MCM Comic Con, a convention for sci-fi, comics, video games, cosplay and anime. We also run socials once or twice per term, and throughout the year we may decide to run other classes or events, so keep an eye on our mailing list or Facebook page for more information.

The first showing of the year will be our Intro Night, where we show new members what the society is all about. Check the schedule to see when it's happening, and come along to find out whether our society is for you. We’ll also be at Fresher's Fair, so stop by our stall to put your email address on our mailing list.

But what's Manga? And Cosplay?

Manga refers to Japanese comics — essentially the printed page version of anime.

Cosplay is the term for dressing up as a character (or object) from any piece of media (movies, anime, video games, and so on).

Aren't cartoons for children?

A huge segment of the Western animation market is primarily aimed at children, but even amongst these you'll find shows that include well written stories with complex themes, such as Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Adventure Time. You just have to look at shows like Futurama or Family Guy to see that animation doesn't have to be aimed at children. The same range exists in Japanese animation; while there are shows like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh that are targeted at a younger age group, there are also shows aimed at older audiences, and a wide variety of tastes. There's something for everyone. If you're interested in cartoons, we have a sister society for that — Western Cartoon Society.

I don't know any Japanese, how can I understand anything?

As a general rule we show everything in its original language, which of course is almost always Japanese in our case, except for rare instances where there may only be a dub available. But don’t worry; we'd never throw you in to the deep end by showing anything without subtitles! If you’ve never watched subtitled movies before it may take a short while to get used to it, but you soon will.

But I like dubs!

We show our anime subtitled to stay consistent and to appeal to the widest group of anime fans. Many anime don't get dubs, and dubs often take longer to be released. Also, while many anime have excellent dubs, a lot of dubs still suffer lower quality voice acting than their Japanese counterparts.

I couldn't come at the beginning of the year, can I still join?

You’re very welcome to start coming along at any point during the year! If you feel like you don’t know anyone, come and talk to one of us at the front, we don’t bite :-)

Do I have to be a Kent student?

Anyone is welcome to come along! However, restrictions placed upon us by the University unfortunately mean we can’t allow anyone under 16 to come along.

How much will it cost me?

Membership costs just £5 per year for students (£6 for non-students - this includes anyone non-UKC). This is given straight to Kent Union, who then use it to fund our budget, which we use to keep our society running smoothly.

All of our events (including Intro Night) are free to attend, though signing up is appreciated so we can run smoothly throughout the year. Paid-up members also receive a society keyring.

This sounds awesome, where do I sign up?

Go to the Mandela building and ask to sign up to the KentANIMEted Society. Be specific when you say our name! We also have a step-by step guide for signing up online (which is hopefully up to date) here.